NetGong allows you to monitor any networked device on the Internet

NetGong is a Network monitoring tool that monitors any networked device on the Internet, intranet, or TCP/IP LAN. The user receives alerts immediately via audible alarm, message, e-mail, or third-party software when a connection fails.

NetGong adapts in any particular areas of responsibility, from a single server to a small-office LAN to multiple devices within a large corporate network. Administrators, Webmasters, Internet service providers and Corporate network managers can use this application to distribute responsibility and complement existing network management systems.

This is an excellent network monitoring tool delivering low cost, simplicity of operation, and 24/7 coverage. It is great for monitoring critical e-mail and Web servers, continually it probes and transacts with network resources on timed intervals, testing availability and responsiveness. If a failure occurs, NetGong automatically notifies the administrator.

Additionally it offers integrated reporting with real-time and historical reporting capabilities for tracking network resources availability. The report can be output in HTML format to help keep track in an easy to view list. And it has remote access to the monitoring results using a Web browser.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Runs as a system tray application
  • Remote access via web
  • Alerts
  • Reporting


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